Mark your calendar: Ferrari to launch car last week of the month


In Maranello today, the theme is “Back to work.”

That’s at least judging by Ferrari’s latest news post at its website, which notes the chassis of the 2011 car already has gone through crash tests. It wasn’t all quiet in the factory this holiday:

However, only today is the full workforce back at their posts. The new season beckons, with the launch of the new car planned for the final week of this month, while testing gets underway on 1st February at Cheste’s “Ricardo Tormo” circuit near Valencia.

Ah, the great car reveals. The first moments of the year when Formula 1 fans can get their blood racing and their minds churning over which team has taken the most risks, which seem to have missed the plot and whether Sauber will have any sponsors on the car this time around.

I may be stretching things a bit, but I still wonder: Do you think Ferrari announcing the launch of its car this early is an attempt at psychological warfare? (One other team has announced its launch date, right? I can’t for the life of me think which one, though. Help anyone?) Is it meant to suggest extra confidence in the design as well as hint that the car has been in the works for a while — and therefore maybe testing, at least via computer simulation? Or is the announcement just Ferrari trying to jump into the spotlight when it has the chance?

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