Marussia, Caterham talked merger deal

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Marussia and Catherham talked about a merger after the end of the 2012 Formula 1 season, Marussia team president said today in Malaysia.

“I can confirm there were talks but no acceptable conclusion,” he told Reuters. Full Reuters report is here.

Apparently, although the deal was long since not done, it’s played a part in Marussia’s being the one team yet to sign a deal with Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie has said this week he has a deal all ready for Marussia to sign.

Are you like me? You’re wondering what horrible “poison pill” that deal may include at this point. It’s hard for me to imagine Bernie’s not trying to get a little something more — or just a little revenge — via the deal.

Reuters adds details to the merger via an earlier newspaper report: “The deal (merger) was never going to work because it involved Marussia closing down in favour of Caterham. Neither team is financially well set and both were looking for ways to sort things out because one team is always going to finish out of the money.”

Reuters makes an understandably big deal out of Marussia’s last-race knock from 10th in the constructor’s standings to 11th, estimating that may have cost the team $30 million in prize money. And that’s huge given Marussia’s estimated yearly budget — $65 million.

I’m sure a team can buy 0.5 seconds for $30 million, right?


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