Marussia Ferrari in 2014?

Marussia’s Pat Symonds has told Sky Sports F1 that they are close to inking a new engine deal for 2014. the engine regulations are changing and a new format (V6 Turbo) will emerge as the shove behind the grid. With that change, Cosworth, now supplying Marussia, are understood to be bowing out of the engine supply business for Formula One.

Many pundits have placed Ferrari as the likely successor to Cosworth for Marussia’s needs as their driver, Jules bianchi, has a seat at the team for 2013. What impact that has is not clear but Symonds said it has made the relationship with the Italian car company more cozy:

“It absolutely hasn’t done us any harm, it’s brought us a little bit closer to Ferrari,” he added. “But Ferrari genuinely wants more teams: because everything is so new, I hesitate to call us guinea pigs or anything like that, but it’s better to have a few more samples of your product out there, finding out what goes wrong and what’s working. I think that they wanted another team anyway and the contact through Jules has done nothing but help.”

Guinea pig or not, having Ferrari in the back of the car can’t hurt if the price is right. Toro Rosso, another Ferrari engine customer, is said to be eyeing Renault for 2014 so that leave Sauber and Ferrari themselves as the only user of the famous Italian lump. Marussia may be a welcome sight for the Scuderia.

There is another engine maker out there called Mercedes and they are supplying themselves, McLaren and Force India in 2013. While that isn’t expected to change for 2014, some have argued that the relationship between McLaren and Mercedes has soured and why shouldn’t it have? They poached their star driver Lewis Hamilton as well as their technical boss, Paddy Lowe. McLaren would most likely resurrect an engine supply deal with a company that isn’t currently in F1 and many have suggested that Honda may be the chaps.

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