Marussia still fogging a mirror, FIA gives hope

The FIA have not published the official entry list for the 2015 Formula 1 season and as AUTOSPORT points out, it is keeping the list open for as long as they can to allow talks with Marussia to ferment to a point where we may actually see the team grid up no later than the Bahrain Grand Prix on April 19.

The team has made their entry fee but was voted down by F1’s Strategy Group when it was asked to consider Marussia fielding their 2014 cars with modifications to make them compliant to the 2015 regulations.

This “no” vote, led vocally in the press by Force India, still isn’t the final nail in a troubled coffin for Marussia as the article reveals continuing talks with the FIA on getting a provisional or interim 2015 car on the grid by Bahrain.

The FIA are keen to see the financial structure of the team with new investors and assess their long-term viability in the sport prior to allowing for a 2014/5 B-spec challenger on the grid.

It seems the FOM prize money is still in play as most news articles I’ve read suggest that the team’s insolvency back in 2014 has played no role in denying the prize money should the team field a car this season.

Fingers crossed, Marussia fans. As a Marussia fan, I am biased but if I’m honest, the team most likely should pack it in if there is not a significant investor now seated behind them with serious resources to spend. Kicking the can down the road isn’t a viable racing business model in F1 so let us hope that Marussia’s new investors have a serious game plan and deep pockets.


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