Marussia: “the check is in the mail”

The good news is that Marussia have secured 10th in the Constructor’s Championship in Formula 1 but according to a very nice piece by AUTOSPORT’s Jonathan Noble, the check may be a long time coming.

The art and process of the financial agreement between the teams and the commercial rights holder, FOM, is closely guarded secret. Discovering its precepts is akin to finding the answer to the Cicada 3301 puzzle. Suffice to say, Mr. Noble does reveal that Marussia’s real payday doesn’t actually happen until they defend the 10th place position next year. Jonathan said:

“The real incentive for Marussia could come at the end of next season if it manages to finish 10th or better again.

That is because as well as taking the Column 2 payment, Marussia would then qualify for the bigger prize of eligibility to Column 1 money, which is earned by teams that have finished in the top ten for two of the previous three years.

Should Marussia manage that next season, then its financial boost from Column 1 could be as high as $30 million, for it earns the right to take home an equal share of a prize pot that is distributed to the top ten teams.”

In essence, it’s the proverbial “the check is in the mail” and while that’s like waiting for a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas, it does suggest that Marussia will most likely be amped to up their game with Ferrari engines and a new lease on life—defend 10th and run the bank in 2014.

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