Mass exodus, now Bob Bell leaves Manor GP

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Things have gotten even more tenuous over at Manor GP as AUTOSPORT reported the departure of veteran F1 technical chief, Bob Bell, as well as John Booth and Graeme Lowden.

Effectively the leadership of the team has left and while Booth and Lowden are expected to stay until the end of the season, Bell has already departed. The report also suggests there are others who are leaving as well.

As I mentioned in the piece yesterday, it will be interesting to see ho wMercedes reacts given they had just signed an engine supply contract with the team for 2016 and that was with Booth and Lowden. AUTOSPORT was also wondering the same thing as they asked Mercedes boss, ,Toto Wolff about the situation:

“Obviously when I spoke about racers, John and Graeme were very much meant by that, plus of course the rest of the team.

“It’s a bunch of real fighters that have shown stamina in keeping the team in the sport.

“I’ve known John forever, since the Formula Renault days of Lewis [Hamilton] and Formula 3 days.

“Manor means John Booth and John Booth means Manor, and Graeme was very instrumental in keeping the team alive last year.

“So seeing them go, from a personal standpoint and from the racing spirit, is obviously a blow.

“Going forward, we have signed the deal with Manor and I would say we need to give credit to everybody in the team who stays in the team, but we are curious spectators from now on.”

Mercedes used the Manor GP supply contract as a reason they could not provide engines to Red Bull and that may be part of the reason but if Manor isn’t able to continue in 2016, then it seems Merc have the capacity to supply another team. We’ll see if they Manor deal was truly the reason for not supplying Red Bull. Something tells me the answer is, no.



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Paul KieferJr

Rats abandoning a sinking ship?

J Jones

Whats the odds on Bob Bell ending up at the new Renault/Lotus works team!

jiji the cat

Pretty high I’d say


Bob Bell go to Renault every one knows that!

Negative Camber

Well, I didn’t know that. It’s an easy connect-the-dots but I haven’t seen that as official or even heard Bob or Renault or Alan Permane comment on it so I’m not sure everyone knows that.


Small memory!

Negative Camber

Thanks, tat’s helping me out. :) Do you have a link to where this info is at? I’m old, mate, I never brag about my memory at this age. I’ve looked at a few places to find the announcement but can’t seem to locate it…from memory or from the RSS feed I subscribe to.

Tom Firth

Reckon RTR may be referring to Bob Bell’s history.

A number of people have speculated but as you say, nothing official, not that I know of anyway. It is a little odd though that a number of people also thought that Bob was brought into Manor to move them towards Renault power … now we know a divide seems to have occurred within the teams management on whether to go with Renault or Mercedes … Just saying.

Pure speculation though.

The only link between Bob returning to Renault was mentioned here -


Google it, go back to the begin of the season and see what Cyrill said about Bob Bell, it’s simple.

Negative Camber

Uh…ok. I was thinking if everybody knows it and it’s obvious, you’d have a link to it and we wouldn’t have to go on a google search of obscurity to find it. It makes sense to me from a pure speculative standpoint but it’s a tad heavy handed to suggest everyone knows it and that I am a complete ninny for being the only one who doesn’t. I’m with you on the actual speculation about Bell to Renault but I’m not real keen on being back-handed with speculation as hard news that everyone knows but no one can post a… Read more »


Why should i collect link’s of old news?

Paul KieferJr

“Pics or it didn’t happen”, or something like that. You suggested truth, you provide the evidence. That’s how it works.


If you want evidence just google it, is that so hard? WTF!!!

Negative Camber

Dude, I get that. Even Ted K. said that there are rumors he could go there but you acted as if I was the only idiot alive who didn’t know that he’s gone to Lotus F1. :) You’re comment was as if it is a done deal and everyone knows it. I have read the same rumors you have but I thought you had read or heard something official. That’s why I asked for the link. Not a big deal. We like to separate rumors from fact around here, everybody knows that. ;)

Patrick Chapman

You are a patient man NC. I think that your website is perhaps getting too popular and well known as even the strange folk are finding their way to you. It’s a pity that you can’t put an age restriction for the posters. Maybe 45 or so. LOL

Negative Camber

I would rather be obscure and maintain civility and decorum than be huge and have people here who exhibit the bravery of being out of range or just simply can’t interact without the bravado and heavy-handed posts. That’s just never been how we are here and that’s why I rely so much on all of you to help police it with me. It is your community, you built it and you maintain the milieu so I rely on you to help keep it this way. :)

Negative Camber

Sigh. fine. good grief.

J Jones

Must have been a quick announcement then, bearing in mind he was still working for Manor.
It was also tongue in cheek as well, but perhaps you cant read between the lines.


The ONLY reason they gave Manor the Merc PU deal was to have an excuse not to entertain Red Bull’s offers. It seems Toto will do ANYTHING to keep a Merc PU out of a Bed Bull chassis. I guess he knows just how bad the Merc chassis is???

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