Massa: Alguesuari too young!

AlguesuariFerrari pilot Felipe Massa, who started his F1 career at the ripe age of 20 says that new Red Bull driver Jaime Alguesuari is too young for F1. Well he is on topic as Alguesuari will be the youngest driver ever to race an F1 car in an official race.

Aguersuari replaces the recently ejected Sebastien Bourdais at Red Bull and has only driven the car in straight lines as there is no in-season testing. Felipe feels this is not enough to prepare a young man for the grand show. He even feels that he entered F1 too young as well.

“For me he’s too young,” Massa told reporters at Hungaroring. “When I came into Formula 1 I was just 20 and for me it was also quite young. I was too inexperienced to ask what I needed from the car so I made some mistakes. For sure I had a very difficult car to drive, but anyway, it was not easy for me.

“But even for myself, and I can say it was too early for me, I did the whole winter (of testing), so I did many tests in Formula 1. He’s never driven a Formula 1 car, or he has driven it in a straight line or whatever.

“For me it’s wrong. It’s not good for him. For me he can burn himself very quickly. Maybe he’s an incredible talent and he will do much better than everybody thinks, but for me it’s not good for him.

“I’m surprised a team would put a guy like this in the car. For me it’s not right.”

What do you think? Is there a magic age limit to F1 or is it really just the seat time that makes the difference?

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