Massa considered quitting F1


The only sports story more unbelievable than Felipe Massa’s thinking about quitting Formula 1 last season would be if Notre Dame’s Manti T’eo’s dead girlfriend turned out to be fake.

Given there’s no way that could be the case, I guess I have to announce the Massa did, in fact, consider packing things in. This according to the BBC, which must have gotten to Massa at Ferrari’s Wrooom event for this “exclusive” interview:

Asked if he considered stopping, Massa said: “Yeah. I thought about so many things. I thought maybe I was finished. I thought about not staying in Ferrari.

“I did not know what would happen. So many things were inside my brain.”

Hey! Fun new game. Guess what is inside Massa’s brain.

  • Flavio in a Mankini (It’s stuck in all our heads, right?)
  • The Alonso Clause
  • Luca di Montezemolo, holding a knife to Felipe’s dog’s neck
  • Timo Glock
  • An ice cream cone
  • That awesome Ferrari guitar

Please note, I didn’t go with “a spring from Rubens’ car.” I’m mean, but not Grace mean.

Massa says he sat down with a sports psychologist and talked “to everyone,” whatever that means. He also claims he’s ready to go this season: “I am very confident I can be in good shape, which I was [at the end of last year] even if it was not winning the race. But we did not have the car.”

The BBC also got something else out of Massa. He thinks Fernando Alonso is the toughest driver he’s faced. And the BBC asked him to confirm — he meant even tougher than Michael Schumacher.

Which is a pretty smart thing to say with Alonso still on the grid and Michael in retirement.

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