Massa: Fernado’s on his own

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Ferrari’s Felipe Massa says there is little he can do to help his teammate, Fernando Alonso, fight for the championship. As it is, his impending departure from the team in 2014 has him focused on driving for himself and bolstering his CV to lure a prospective ride next year. Massa told AUTOSPORT:

“Like I said there is not so much I can do: the only help Fernando can have is coming from Sebastian, it’s not coming from me. This is the situation.

“Vettel had the pace of minimum 1s quicker than everybody. He was going to win the race [whatever].

“Most of the teams are not working on the car from here to the end of the year, so I’m sure it will stay like that; I’m sure [he] will have a competitive car from here to the end of the year.”

If Massa is right, development has come to a slow pace within Formula 1 and this means that the Red Bull could be the dominant favorite for the remaining races of 2013. If you were displeased with Vettel’s win at Singapore and Red Bull’s domination of the sport, then the balance of the season might be something you may want to skip.

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