Massa / Ferrari Take Pole!

Felipe Massa has claimed his third successive pole position at the Turkish Grand Prix.  He will be trying to win the race for the third year straight.  The Ferrari pilot is followed by Heikki Kovalainen and Lewis Hamilton of McLaren.If body language was any sign of things behind the scenes, Felipe and Lewis were obviously telegraphing some happenings behind the curtains of F1.  Felipe, usually a animated character and cheerful demeanor, was very downcast is the post qualifying interviews.  Unusually so.  He face betrayed what Speed TV commentator Bob Varsha suggested just prior to the interview; that there were gloomy paddock rumors of Felipe’s career at Ferrari this weekend.  Equally Leis Hamilton was smug, snippy and downright glum.  He said he had made a wrong choice on tire selection going for the prime instead of the option and it had failed.

His teammate Heikki has out qualified him again and this is on the heels of suffering a concussion just two weeks ago.  Lewis seems to be realizing that F1 is more than just landing in the best car and having a World Champion give you set up secrets and tow you around the track as you claim glory, praise and adulation.  Perhaps this sobering year is starting to catch up with Lewis and unlike his understated teammate, he seems to be showing signs of cracking.  It is a shame what McLaren did to Lewis and Alonso last year and the game plan does not seem to be working the way they thought it would.  While the coddle Lewis, Heikki just may be the McLaren leader by keeping his mouth shut, being humble and driving his backside off.

Perhaps we are seeing that Lewis was Rookie of the year in 2007 not on talent alone.  Fernando may have something to add to that discussion but has wisely kept hsi mouth shut.  Something Lewis has a hard time doing and this interview seems to suggest maybe he is learning that the hard way.

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