Massa: Germany or bust?

So now we return to Hockenheim which was the site of the famed team orders debacle (or was it?) where Massa gave up his chance of finally grabbing that elusive return to the top of the podium.

Two years on and we see Alonso atop the driver points standings in a very tight championship battle and the question is, would Massa do it again? Things are a little different now, and all (ok a lot) of signs point to his departure at the end of the year to what must be a lower rung team if any at all.

Like Barrichello I don’t think Massa will be too keen to hit the sponsorship trail and would more likely leave if a paying ride cannot be found. The rules have indeed changed since 2010 and Ferrari can happily pull out the “move over” sign without a batted eye from the FIA nor any secret squirrel type messages from agent Smedley necessary.

The question perhaps we should have asked Laura Marieee to pose to Felipe is should he find himself at the front (I know it’s a long shot) would he do what’s best for the team? Would you?

We, of course, don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes at Marenello but I keep putting myself in his position and I haven’t made a decision yet. If he didn’t pull over again, it would almost certainly lead to immediate expulsion from the team, but he would at least be able to get that monkey off his back and if you thought you were out at the end of the season anyway, would it matter enough?

We’ve heard Barrichello regret his past as #2 to Schumacher and he has said given the chance he would not repeat it, so will Felipe remember those words?  It could of course backfire and become a Stigma on him of a non-team player but I would think those things could be forgiven knowing his well documented past with the Ferrari team. Tough call to make but if you think and want to be—and really can be a contender again—playing 2nd fiddle even in the best team on the grid will not get you there.

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