Massa has new chassis and new hope for Canada

After pummeling the Armco barrier twice in Monaco, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa will head to Canada this weekend with a brand new chassis according the the Italian team:

“The Monaco GP was not an easy weekend for the team,” said Team Principal Stefano Domenicali. “Since then, we have been working hard; first of all studying all the data to see why we had not performed as expected and from that point, we have been looking ahead, setting up the cars in the completely different configuration required of Montreal, as we go from the highest downforce track of the year to the one where we will use the least downforce of any track we have visited so far this season.”

The team will have a new chassis to dial in for Massa as well as the new Pirelli test tires this weekend. They also have the current medium compound tires to cope with but the track is a low downforce street circuit and has more of a point-and-squirt mentality to it so Ferrari feel they may be able to recover from their Monaco woes:

“Of course we also focussed on the problems we had with reliability, which absolutely had to be resolved,” adds Domenicali. “What is sure is that the team is completely motivated and we are determined to regard what happened in Monaco as an isolated incident.”

After clouting the wall twice in his F138, it’s nice to know that Felipe will have a new chassis on hand and hopefully this will give the Brazilian some extra punch to help get Ferrari back on the podium to close the gap int eh title race. As for Canada, one can hardly consider the race without thinking of the late Gilles Villeneuve. The Canadian driver was a staple at Ferrari and team boss Stefano Domenicali recalls his legacy vividly:

“As a kid, I was part of the crowd at Imola, a circuit that played its part in the history of Formula 1 and when I was a schoolboy I would get work helping the organisation at the circuit,” recalls Domenicali. “But I remember Gilles as a great driver, a great personality and a man of passion who was always able to inspire and enthuse all Ferrari fans and everyone who followed Formula 1 at that time.”


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