Massa Has No Problem Without Traction Control

In an odd statement, Felipe Massa says that the lack of driver aids has really had an impact on the season so far. He then goes on to explain that neither of his issues, at Australia or Malaysia, were due to the lack of the very same driver aids he says have caused a lot of problems.

“While we have all had to get used to driving without electronic aids since the end of last season, as you will have seen in the two races so far, it does seem to have provoked more incidents, spins and off-track excursions,”

“It has made life harder than before. Being all the time on the limit at a consistent pace and staying on the racing line makes life more tricky, but I don’t think that was the reason I went off the track last Sunday.

“I had a mechanical problem in the first race in Australia and then in Malaysia I had different problems not linked to the traction control. The cars definitely have a different feel to them, but I feel comfortable driving without the electronics and have no problem with it.

“The only real problem will come in conditions when you have less grip, but not in situations like we have experienced so far.”

So I am a little confused, are you saying that it is hard to drive the cars without driver aids but that’s not what trouble you are having? Perhaps he was addressing the question and admits it’s harder but not for him. If that is the case, I might disagree with you Felipe. Hope you don’t mind but the two eyes I use to watch the races seem to betray the logic of your statement. That’s ok, you’re a heck of a lot better F1 driver than I am.

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