Massa in favor of refueling

A raft of suggested changes to Formula 1 may or may not be approved but the thought of a return to refueling has many fans talking.

The incident most used as a reason for not bringing refueling back is the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix in which then Ferrari driver, Felipe Massa, dragged a fuel-rig hose down pit lane. It most likely cost him the championship title that year.

Regardless, the Brazilian veteran thinks it is a good idea to bring refueling back saying:


“I don’t think it’s a problem for safety. We had many years with refuelling in Formula 1 and we had a few problems, but not really very dangerous problems to be honest,” he said according to a Sky Sports News HQ report.

“I think it’s a good thing and [will] change completely the race. The problem now is that we will race with very heavy cars with the full tank and the lap times, if you compare qualifying and the race, it’s a big difference. It’s a lot slower compared to how it was with the refuelling. I’m sure the race will be more interesting and nicer for the driving – more sprint racing.

“So I like the refuelling and I am in favour.”


The other concern is the cost of refueling and the knock-on tweaks to fuel cells, the refueling rigs expense and other unforeseen expenses.

While I am up for trying a few of these changes out, some fans fear it will impact the sport in a negative way and ruin race strategies over rig failures or difficulties that are beyond the driver’s control.

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1


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While both Todd and Grace brought up some good points during the most recent podcast I still maintain that it’s a false way to add “drama” to the sport. I would much rather have one good on track non-DRS pass than 100 pitlane overtakes.


As an engineer I love the technical calculation of the sport, at this point the drivers are just replicant drones, except Pastor, he’s a car crash waiting to happen. I love pit lane overtakes, to me it is which team of engineers is better than the other, then again my view may be a bit askew :)


Having worked closely with engineers (calculators not trains) I can safely say we have very different views of what is considered fun!


I think if you combine the refueling with a free tire choice, it definitely opens up some different strategy options for the teams. They will be able to run longer with fewer stops, or go for many super fast sprints.
It could be interesting, and still in the spirit of good racing as opposed to constructs.

Richard Massey

I’d like to see reverse WEC style refueling. Tires first, then fuel man only. This would add strategy in whether a two stop race with longer pit stops but faster lower fuellaptimes would be preferable to a single or no fuel stop but heavier fuel load/slower lap times would be the best way to win.