Massa isn’t finished with racing

It may be unclear as to what Nico Rosberg will do now that he’s officially retired from Formula 1 but that’s not the case for Felipe Massa. Having retired from F1 in 2016, the Brazilian has very clear aim to get back to racing in another series and one must wonder if the World Endurance Championship might not be something he’s focused on. Massa said:

“I’m working for a proper championship, a full season,” Massa told Autosport. “I have not decided yet but I have some strong ideas.

“I am completely ready to keep racing in another category.

“I saw drivers like Michael [Schumacher] who were not accepting to race in another category, so then he was riding bikes and so many things.

“But I don’t see the reason not to do something you like to do, which is driving, so I am fine to keep driving.”

Much of his decision will rely on his market value in alternate series and which racing format he’d like to participate in. German DTM, American NASCAR, IMSA or Indycar, WEC, Rally or even Australian V8’s. As a former paid F1 driver, paying for a ride in another series isn’t going to be something Massa is keen to do but how much would a team in, say, WEC pay Felipe for his services when the driver market is as competitive as it has ever been?

The larger the series, the better chances he’ll have and perhaps a return to his old team, Ferrari, for the GT series in WEC or IMSA would be appealing to both parties as the Italian manufacturer certainly enjoyed his time there and his career in Maranello was the second-longest at the team behind Michael Schumacher.

Having competed in 250 grands prix and celebrated 11 victories, Massa has come a long way since his debut at Sauber back in 2002 but it seems that he’s not done yet and the passion to drive is still strong.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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J Cotter

Well, his management team were met with apathy & disinterest (reportedly) when they asked-around the WEC camps back in Aug./Sept time. Nobody rushed to sign him (least of all Porche with Webber just quitting). He’s obviously getting a bit worried now as the phone isn’t hot with offers of a seat somewhere! Indy cars seats all pretty-much taken… same for Formula E and a lot of others too. Bit sad that he’s having to go round asking teams if they have a job…hope he isn’t going to be like Barrichello – desperate for any drive anywhere! (he was even talking… Read more »

Negative Camber

That’s why I mentioned his market value, I’m not sure WEC LMP teams will find that very high considering they have paying drivers. I think his best bet would be to ask Ferrari for a GT ride with Fisi et. al.

Tom Firth

No seats available realistically in WEC LMP1. Porsche has made its decisions, Toyota may have a third car, but it’s unlikely he’d get that. Otherwise I don’t know if really expect massive changes from Toyota’s lineup. DTM is unlikely to be an option now. It was several months ago but now… probably not. As J Cotter says, they seem to be a little stuck in actually finding him a place on a grid. DTM is dropping from Eight to six cars per manufacturer this season. Schneider has retired and Mortara is moving to Mercedes so that’ll drop Audi to Six,… Read more »

Tom Firth

I can see him getting a ride somewhere in IMSA for the Rolex24 and maybe NAEC races. Beyond that though, more tough to find seats.


Follow Rubens path to Brazilian Stock Car??

Skid Solo

They got quite a big Scalextricks club in Sao Paulo. That could be an option.


Judging by the farewell in Brazil, he could do any series there and draw huge interest to the series and the team. Brazillian Stockcar, why not?