Massa: Monaco a turning point?

Felipe Massa thinks Monaco could signal a turning point for the beleaguered Ferrari team this year. After struggling with mechanical failures tortoise-like pace and Keystone Cops tactics from the pitwall, Ferrari may actually bring something to Monaco. What that is remains to be seen but Massa thinks it may be their “A” Game.

“I really think that the Monte Carlo race can be the turning point in our season,” Felipe explained to Gazzetta dello Sport. “We’ll have new things in our aerodynamic package.

“We come from a start of the season that we didn’t expect, however we’ve improved a lot, especially in the last race at Montmelo we saw some steps forward. For all these reasons I believe in the first podium of the season, and also in our recovery.”

“I’m here, I fight and push with the whole team to make things improve race by race. The time for a comeback always comes, and I’m certain it will. Today more than ever.”

“As far as my driving is concerned, I think it’s positive: for many races I was always there, among the top five, before problems came up, and it even happened that I couldn’t finish the race. During this time we’ve worked on aerodynamics and on other areas of the F60.

“The Spanish Grand Prix left me with good feelings, it was a different race from the others. I believe in the team, so I still count on a comeback on our part, both in the constructors’ and in the drivers’ championship.”

Now a person has every right to be skeptical about these aspirations. Let’s face it, Ferrari have looked like a junior league team this year with the strategy gaffs, ice cream-eating incidents and a complete lack of pace at full-tilt. That was until Spain. Of all the teams, Ferrari looked to be the one who made the most significant gains but that is in Spain; a track completely different than Monaco. Qualifying is key at the principality and if there is any chance for Ferrari, it will be to qualify well. Let us not forget that every other team will be tempted to pull a Williams F1 light-fuel load quali lap just to get position.

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