Massa not a happy bunny after Brazilian GP drive-through penalty

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Ferrari’s…or is it Williams F1 now…driver, Felipe Massa is not a happy bunny after the Brazilian Grand Prix today. Finishing seventh, the Brazilian driver was critical of the FIA for the drive-through penalty he incurred for crossing over the white line toward the pit entry. Massa told Sky Sport F1:

“I think it’s pretty unacceptable to be honest. Why a drive-through for this? I’m sure I was not the only car to pass that line. I was the only one who got the drive-through for that,” he told Natalie Pinkham.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t overtake any cars on the outside of the track. But it’s like that.

“They believe they have all the power, they believe they know everything they’re doing and normally they are doing a lot of things which are not right, which are not correct.”

It was a possible podium finish lost reckons Massa:

“It’s a shame,” Massa said. “The race today would have been in the fourth place and maybe even third, Fernando was maybe going to back off at the end and let me by. The race would have been much better than it was for the result.”

Seems Fernando was possibly willing to pull over and let the Brazilian claim a podium finish for his home race and final race for Ferrari. How did you see the penalty? Were there other infractions during the race that went unpunished or was Massa’s the more egregious of the infractions? Was it worthy of a penalty or harsh treatment?


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