Massa not to blame for Monaco GP crash


It may have looked like a carbon copy crash for Ferrari’s Felipe Massa on Sunday in Monaco and that’s because the Brazilian hit the barriers at nearly the exact location in Saturday’s practice session. Even thought the two crashes were nearly identical, the team says that Saturday’s issues were down to Massa but Sunday was truly a mechanical failure on the F138.

‘The findings validated the first impressions of the engineers, confirming that the accident was caused by an element of the front left suspension breaking,’ the Scuderia said via the website.

‘With all the required inspections completed to analyse what happened at the Monegasque circuit, the Car Assembly department can now start work in preparing the car for the Canadian Grand Prix.’

Felipe was shaken but not stirred on Sunday when his F138 clouted the Armco entering the Sainte Dévote corner. Massa was checked and released from the medical center witha  sore neck and seems to be fit for the Canadian Grand Prix in two weeks. So that’s Ferrari 1, Massa 1.

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