Massa on Alonso, Vettel, Smedley and Schumacher

Felipe Massa is gearing u p for the final two races as a Ferrari driver. Massa nearly won the 2008 World Championship and then suffered a serious head injury in 2009. Suffice to say, the Brazilian has seen a lot during his time as a Ferrari pilot.

Ferrari released a Q&A with Massa in which they asked him several questions but a few we found interesting are:

Let’s play at defining the men who have been your bosses, starting with Luca di Montezemolo.
“He is a big hearted person, and an able promoter. He knows how to describe and sell the idea of Ferrari. He is the right man for the job of president and I’m not just talking about the racing. He has an enormous aptitude for representing the company.”

Jean Todt.
“My best teacher. I first knew him when I was 19 and he has been the most important person in my career.”

Stefano Domenicali.
“Definitely a friend, we have grown up together at Ferrari.”

Rob Smedley, his race engineer.
“He has played an important role in my career. When I first raced for Ferrari my race engineer was Gabrielle Delli Colli, but things didn’t go as they should have done and so I chose Rob who was there at the start and was with the test team (he came from Jordan, Editor’s note.) He knows me 100%.”

You have had many team-mates, which was the strongest?
“Fernando. Schumacher was as quick, but in terms of intelligence, Alonso is better because he manages to put everything together perfectly.”

If you needed a bigger endorsement for Fernando Alonso, I’m not sure you’ll find one. Alonso, considered by many as arguably the best driver on the grid, has struggled of late with a challenging Ferrari car. His frustration was the topic of focus late this season with some suggesting he could be open to moving to a different team.

But what about the current champion? How does Massa see Sebastian Vettel?

Sebastian Vettel took his fourth title this year: are those titles more down to him or his team?
“It is 100% down to him and his car. Because it’s true he drives the quickest and most consistent car. But then it’s he who manages to extract its potential, who takes pole, who puts 6 tenths over on everyone, including his team-mate! He’s a fantastic driver.

Take it from a driver who has a long history in Formula 1 and knows talent when he sees it. Alonso and Vettel are in a class unto themselves. Hopefully Ferrari can match the Red Bull 2014 chassis pace and we can have a real battle on our hands.

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