Massa says move to small team would prompt a re-think on F1


It seems the year 2012 will be remembered as the year the F1 world continually questioned Felipe Massa’s tenure at Ferrari with demands for his immediate Bahar-like termination to rumors of mid-season replacement and outright speculation that just about every driver with a contract expiring will take the Brazilian’s place at the Scuderia.  It has reached comic proportions to be honest.

As the throng of media have considered what the next move for Massa could be, many some have suggested that a future in F1 may not be in the cards based on commentary from Massa himself and conjecture on pundits lips.  Massa countered those concerns suggesting that he hasn’t implied he wouldn’t remain in Formula One if let go by Ferrari:

“I didn’t say that if I am not at Ferrari, I will stop. I said that if I need to go to a small team then maybe I will think about doing something else.

“But now we must think about the present: I am here and as always I am trying to fight for the victory as I have done for many years and I am looking forward to being in that position again soon, so that I can fight for victories and the championship.”

It sounds as if Massa has no interest in returning to a small team and certainly wouldn’t favor the pay-to-drive scenario those teams are using in 2012 and beyond. Fellow countryman Rubens Barrichello struggled with the same notion of paying to drive and Williams F1 simply replaced him with another Brazilian who would pony up cash for a seat and bring a name like Senna back to the storied team.

Will Massa face a future in Indycar? Has Indycar become the proverbial pasture that F1 drivers are being put out to? What do you think would be a good move for Massa? American open-wheel racing would like him very much. He’s a personable guy with a  good heart and spirit for racing and has a good story to tell. In fact, Massa would be yet another Brazilian for the Indycar series making it look less like an American racing series and more of a Brazilian road racer club.

Is there a mid-field team who would be wise to pick up Massa, not as a pay-to-drive program, and use his skill and expertise to help them progress? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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