Massa: Schumacher was good, Alonso is ‘more perfect’

According to soon-to-be-departing Felipe Massa, teammate Fernando Alonso is the most complete driver he has known at Ferrari. Massa has been released for the 2014 season in favor of Kimi Raikkonen and took time to tell Sky Sports F1 about his fierce rival Alonso:

“For sure I’ve had some tough times as well with strong team-mates. The one was suffering more [against] was Alonso. I think maybe he’s more complete.

“Schumacher was very, very good. He was amazing and a very complete driver as well. But I think maybe Alonso is even more perfect.”

That’s high praise but for most Formula 1 fans, Alonso does represent a very consistent, complete threat to their favorite drivers or teams. Alonso is known for charging, stalking and doing things in a car that most humans cannot. He’s often been described as the best, most complete driver on the current grid. That, as they say, is certainly arguable depending on the color of your flag and level of your bias.

Regardless, the two teammates seemed to get on well at Ferrari and Alonso was more than happy to see Massa remain as his partner for 2014.

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