Massa To Go Home Monday

The best news this week from F1 has to be the recovery of Felipe Massa. Autosport carried a story that quotes Massa’s personal physician Dino Altmann saying:

“Felipe continues to improve, he is doing very well, and we already decided to go back home on Monday to Brazil,” Altmann told journalists on Friday at the AEK Hospital in Budapest, where Massa has been treated since his accident during the weekend of the Hungarian Grand Prix. “He will fly to Sao Paulo.”

“He has to continue his recovery and go back racing as soon as possible, that’s the plan,” Altmann added. “No special treatment.

“He is in very good mood, he is in good shape. He wants to come back soon.”

That’s terrific news from the Massa camp as thousands of fans have released a sigh of relief. Felipe Massa has methodically worked his way in to the hearts of even the most doubting critic with his performance over the last two years. Nearly winning the world title last year at his home race; Massa continues to answer critics who say he is inconsistent and not world champion material. Massa’s rapid recovery shouldn’t surprise any of us. He is a fighter and has firmly placed himself among the very best in the world and has the scars to prove it. I admire this young mans passion and hard work more each day.

From all of us at F1B; get well soon Felipe and we are elated to hear the good news. Oh…are your ride is in good hands my friend.

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