Massa: Why has no one hired Heidfeld?

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I knew there was a reason I like Felipe Massa–he likes my man Nick Heidfeld. In the Swiss paper Blick, Massa pondered the questions I have been wondering as well: What’s up with Heidfeld?

In effect, Massa was asking the rhetorical question of why no one had hired his former teammate Nick Heidfeld.

“Why has no one offered Nick Heidfeld a good cockpit?” Massa inquired, “If I look at the [current] field, Nick belongs in F1 – but not as a spare driver.”

Yes, the naysayers and anti-Nicks all point to a lack of wins, personality, panache and a host of other things but I happen to think Nick is a very tidy driver with the talent to win and technical know-how to help develop a car. Any of the new teams would have done well to hire him and I think Renault, Sauber, Toro Ross, Force India or Williams would too. Such is life and perhaps Nick will find a ride. Let us hope so.


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