Massa’s crash test program

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa told AUTOSPORT that he called out Monaco and it’s lack of medical organization in this weekend’s Driver’s meeting:

“It’s not nice to say it,” he said.

“I had two crashes in Monaco and the organisation and the situation there was really bad.

“It’s a problem we have in Monaco, a problem we need to improve and I’ve already spoken to the doctors.

“In Monaco, everything that happened was not good – the time I waited for the ambulance and, in the first crash, I had to walk 200 metres [to go] over the fence.

As for this weekend, Felipe was able to compare and contrast the medical and safety teams of Canada as he crashed in Q2 during qualifying:

“Here, everything was perfect and working well,” he said.

“The doctor and the medical centre were very well-prepared and it was a big difference from here to Monaco.”

The idea that Massa has become the litmus test for circuit medical and safety team awareness and efficiency is really not something Ferrari were looking for in 2014. The fact is, Massa seemed to be making a resurgence from his multi-year slump this year but just as things started to look up, the Brazilian is seemingly starting to struggle again.

It’s certainly good feedback about the safety program of the circuit but at this rate, is Massa going to be the official tester and crash at each circuit to test the medical team?

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