Massa’s grid misplacement wouldn’t happen to Webber, Kubica

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The mystery behind how Felipe Massa started the Belgium Grand Prix too far forward and out of his grid position has been solved.

“I’m maybe the lowest driver in the car, I’m very low in the car and maybe if I was a bit higher, it would be easier to see,” Massa explained.

“Definitely I couldn’t see the lines very well, so I was a little bit outside, and that was it.”

Those quotes come via Autosport, which is among the many media at Monza, where the other big — OK, I just cracked myself up, sorry — story is team orders. Or lack thereof, or maybe the lack thereof, or the uncertainty thereof, at least.

But team orders, let’s face it, is boring. The teams will keep doing what they’ve been doing.

But Felipe Massa! Oh, man. As if being the unofficial “second” driver wasn’t bad enough. There this.

Poor Felipe!


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