Massa’s had a day to relax, so let the 2014 Silly Season rumors begin

So, everyone figures Felipe Massa has secured his seat at Ferrari for 2013. Still no official word out of Maranello, but it’s supposedly just a matter of waiting.

You’re disappointed, right? The best of all Silly Season topics — a seat at Ferrari, not to mention its being a seat alongside Fernando Alonso — is kaput.

Well, the BBC is here for you (as our we)!

According to the BBC, the Massa signing is just a stop-gap until 2014 so the team can bring in …

Sebastian Vettel!

The BBC says that Alonso has OKd the big move. But Red Bull team principal Christian Horner isn’t buying it: “Sebastian Vettel, without a shadow of doubt, will be part of the Red Bull Racing team in 2014,” he told the BBC.

Whatever you say, Christian.

According to the BBC, there’s already a deal in place between Ferrari and Vettel, and the two-time world champion has outperformed clauses in his contract with Red Bull so he could make the switch.

Is that Silly enough for you?

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