Mateschitz fires first Salvo: Teams should own F1

Dietrich Mateschitz
Well, as exclusively revealed here at F1B for some time now, one member of FOTA has fired the first salvo in what could be come a bit of a row over the control of F1. I have suggested that the formation of FOTA has been low-key but politically, it could be as big as the FISA/FOCA issue of the 80’s.

Unhappy with the current distribution of revenue generated from broadcast rights and other income vehicles; FOTA have suggested a larger portion of the profits and now Mr. Mateschitz suggests some sort of interest in F1. Whether he feels that should be a controlling interest or not isn’t perfectly clear but as he references CVC; one can assume he means controlling interest as CVC currently enjoys that posture. He also suggests that teams take all the risk so that would usually mean a controlling interest as well.

Didi suggests that F1 is not the series it was a year ago just the same as the entire world at this point because Red Bull isn’t the energy drink it was a year ago either. In the end game; could a global financial recession be the catalyst that launches a power struggle in F1 that would see a new dawn for the series? There are many detractors of the Max and Bernie duo at this point and there is only one group that can legitimately take on the power base of F1 with any real leverage. In my mind, that is FOTA.

“They have neither expertise nor passion about and for motorsport,” Mateschitz told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur news agency.

“Their engagement, which is natural under the circumstances, is simply a financial one, geared towards maximising profits.

“It is the teams that are carrying all the financial risk. It is the teams that not only have the necessary competence, they also have the necessary passion for motorsport.

“There is just one logical and ethically justifiable owner of Formula One and that is the teams. That is the only way that the survival of motorsport is guaranteed on a long-term basis.

“The teams need to maximise their marketing value, but they also need to own the assets.

“Everybody can see that the value of Formula One is not that which it was a year ago.”

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