I am not one to assert that my meager scribbling would compare to the venerable and much praised Matt Bishop of Autosport.com.  Let’s face it, the guy is a real brilliant bloke with brains to spare.  I devour his articles in F1 and Autosport and really have a huge appreciation and ardent respect for him.

That being said; I think he is dead wrong and a complete poltroon hiding behind the JV camp’s pup tent on his latest article regarding Nick Heidfeld.



Now granted, Bish has more resources, contacts and access to F1 than I do (He gets paid for it) and he has been doing this a lot longer than I (writing about F1that is; I’ve been watching it since 1972.  Not sure how old Bish is).  So take my rebuke with a grain of salt.

Nick:  F3000 champ.  F3 champ.  8th in points in a “shit box” Sauber.  Beat his teammates in F1 including Kimi and exposed Webber as a hack when teamed with him.

JV is driving for his life and his mouth and manager have all but ruined his career.  The new humble JV is refreshing but I would not suggest that JV is dominating Nick this year.  Quali is 6 to 4 in favor of JV(it would have been even had Nick not had mechanical failure during quali today) and race finishes are 6 to 4 in Favor of Nick.  Irrespective of where Nick qualifies at; he still outpaces his team mate when it counts; in the race.

My issue is that Bish waxes poetic about Nick’s (implied sleazy) manager and the untoward manner of his negotiations to secure Nick a ride at BMW.  He even suggests Werner, Nick’s manager, conned Sir Frank into hiring him.  He fails to mention that Nick ate Webb-0’s lunch and exposed his all-mouth-no-show nature.

What I am concerned with is Bish’s attempt at exempting the real truth about Nick in order to justify his desire for JV to stay.  He suggests JV would be best because people who buy BMW M6’s would not want to if Nick and Kubica are the poster boys.  As if JV’s receding hairline and carp-like personality are any better.  Nick is younger and reserved.  He is neither bombastic nor running for any school popularity contests.  No, what he does do is beat his teammates and drives an intelligent and efficient race.  Given the same car as Kimi or Fernando; I believe Nick would give anyone a run for their money.  Perhaps he is not world champion material but is anyone suggesting that JV’s presence at BMW will yield the same or that JV would be any more worthy of the title?

  JV has one person to blame for his implosion; that’s JV (and maybe Craig).  Nick has kept quiet and run his arse off.  Get off the Cherry Luden’s Bish; your panties are starting to show.


Personal Note to Nick:  you keep doing what you are doing.  I am a fan and will not sell out to the JV for prom king crowd.  You’re a good guy Nick and I have enjoyed your pace and class since F3 days.     


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