For the record:  I absolutely love Matt Bishop!  I disagree with a couple things he has said (heaven knows he probably disagrees with everything I say) and I get hate mail.


Seriously, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Matt, Alan, Peter (chalk Peter up as my all-time favorite) and all at F1 Magazine.  Month after month they put out the worlds best commentary and news about the sport I love.  I have subscribed for years now.  It is a first class publication with a staff that exemplifies integrity and levity.

Take the most recent article about JV from The BISH.  A journalistic coup to recognize that JV needs no narration, side comment, clarifying content or setup/wrap up to this article.  Mr. Bishop chose to print the topics and let JV do the talking.  Brilliant, I say.  A first in the industry?  Probably not but knowing when to talk is not as important as knowing when not to.  It made the article infinitely weightier with the lack of otherwise terrific commentary from Mr. Bishop.  All adulation to The BISH for knowing far better than I.

While I am on the F1 Magazine fan-rant; let me compliment the publication on the quality of product all the way down to the photography and paper stock chosen.

So let this be a message to all of you; I am a F1 Racing, Matt Bishop, Alan Jones and Peter Windsor fan (sycophant?). 

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