Max and Marko sucker punch | Podcast Ep 879

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Join Grace and me as we discuss Max’s exit clause in his contract, Audi’s investment in F1, comfortable cars, and some fo the best Australian Grands Prix.

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In this episode, Todd and Grace discuss the ongoing drama at Red Bull Racing, including allegations against team boss Christian Horner and the suspension of a staff member. They also delve into the details of Max Verstappen’s contract, which reportedly includes an exit clause tied to Helmut Marko. The conversation highlights the power struggles within the team and raises questions about the motivations behind these actions. In this part of the conversation, the principal themes discussed include the drama surrounding Red Bull and recommendations for resolving the issues, Audi’s accelerated program in Formula 1, the importance of driver comfort in F1 cars, Toto Wolff’s swipe at Christian Horner, and a list of memorable Australian Grand Prix races. In this episode, Todd and Grace discuss their favorite races, including the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix, the 2009 Austrian Grand Prix, and the 1999 Australian Grand Prix. They also talk about MotoGP and Alex Albon’s cats. The conversation then shifts to mispronunciations and sizing woes in the world of motorsports. They wrap up the episode by discussing Alpine’s marketing strategies and sharing some amusing headlines.


  • The Red Bull Racing team is currently embroiled in drama, with allegations against team boss Christian Horner and a suspension of a staff member.
  • Max Verstappen’s contract reportedly includes an exit clause tied to Helmut Marko, indicating a power struggle within the team.
  • The situation raises questions about the motivations behind these actions and the future of Red Bull Racing.
  • The ongoing drama highlights the complexities and challenges faced by Formula One teams both on and off the track.


00:00 Introduction and Red Bull Drama
09:17 Max Verstappen’s Contract and Power Struggles
34:05 Audi’s Accelerated Program
47:21 Driver Comfort in F1 Cars
51:20 Toto Wolff’s Swipe at Christian Horner
53:36 Memorable Australian Grand Prix Races
54:23 Favorite Races: 2002 Austrian Grand Prix
55:01 Favorite Races: 2009 Austrian Grand Prix
55:30 Favorite Races: 1999 Australian Grand Prix
58:05 MotoGP and Alex Albon’s Cats
58:33 Mispronunciations and Sizing Woes
59:02 Alpine’s Marketing and No Shit Headlines
01:10:06 Lewis Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari
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Hey Team,
The good news for you is that the AUS GP will be the first one next year, although there’s a part of me that still prefers it at the end, like back in the Adelaide days.

Also, on the whole Lewis to Ferrari, as Chinabear put it, it’s a bit cliche getting a Ferrari in your 40s.

Xean Drury

Full props for mentioning Space Ghost Coast to Coast. That show’s so good! When Weird Al went on, he wrote out his answers in advance of knowing the questions XD Classic Weird!