Max…could you please shut up a little?

This just in…soon-to-be-history FIA president Max Mosley has chosen to talk about the Renault race-fix allegations, yet again, to the media. This is a an inquiry and the last time I checked, leaking investigation information to the press and talking about the odd nature of Renault’s behavior is just base behavior by anyone’s measure when investigating an incident.

This incident is where the FIA should be exemplary and shinning in its handling of the situation. Allowing information to leak to the press and commenting on the finer details of the case to the media is just pathetically sophomoric behavior and a real junior league move in my opinion. You would think Mosley would have some decorum left but no…Max feels compelled to hear himself talk. He is, after all, in madly in love with his own words. This from the Guardian:

“Certainly the data from the car indicated that something very unusual had happened on the corner where he crashed – according to the experts who look at these things,” Mosely said in reference to analysis of Renault’s telemetry from last September. “So there was enough there to make it unthinkable not to investigate. This week Renault will send in written documents but the actual hearing of their defence is next Monday.”


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