Max Mosley: Bombshell or Desperate Justification?

MAx Mosley

Max Mosley released a letter today that has revealed an alleged power struggle between the FIA President and Bernie Ecclestone along with the Commercial Rights Holder(CRH) of Formula 1.Max has attempted to make a case for his retaining the position of FIA President due to critical negotiations over the control of Formula 1.  At first pass, it seems to be a call to retain Max as he is the only one who can safeguard Formula 1 from the clutches of the FOM and CRH.

Is this signs of a desperate persons attempt at trumping up his importance or has Max unleashed a bombshell on the F1 world for another summer scandal?  Only time will tell but Jonathan Noble at Autosport has done a terrific job of summing up the highlights of the letter.  Stay tuned as we begin unpacking this story and attempting to add context to the statements made today by Mr. Mosley.

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