Max Mosley Cracks?

Max Mosley
The Telegraph reports several disturbing things regarding hte MAx Mosley scandal and his alleged tirade on the phone with Mr. Ecclestone.

In an article at P-F1, quoting the Telegraph as the source, Max Mosely is alleged to have called Mr. Ecclestone and screamed at him about the Middle East empire and his desire to never go back there. Apparently, as the rumor goes, the Crown Prince was sitting next to Mr. E and heard the salient parts himself. It is rumored that Max later called the Crown Prince and apologized.

It what surely is the occupational equivalent of Atlantis, Max is holding a sandbag against an ocean and trying to stop the flood of overwhelming condemnation that threatens to sink his FIA Presidency for ever. It seems that Max is rumored to be in steeped in a ‘deepening madness’. one can only assume that Mr. E is in an unfortunate position of having to manage the commercial sponsors complaints and concerns over Max’s scandal and throwing his friend under the bus. Rumors abound that many of the executives of the sponsors such as Vodafone and royal Bank of Scotland met with Mr. E in Bahrain to share their displeasure with Max and his remaining in power. I don’t envy Mr. E’s position but I think in time, he will have no choice. Everyone must remember that Max put himself there, no one else did.

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