Max Mosley Interview!


MAx Mosley

Max Mosley speaks exclusively to the UK’s Telegraph about his recent Sex Scandal.

In what surely is a calculated interview to explain his position, Max Mosley has decided to speak to the Telegraph on his recent sexploits and justify his actions, litigation and remaining the FIA President.  As our very good friend Lady Snowcat so accurately says in the F1B forums, the more interesting read just may be found in the comments section from all of the punters.

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at this point i’m flat out out rooting for max. i’m tired of the PR grabbing individuals and associations piling on and handing out morality judgements for their own benefit.

one thing is for sure, F1 is enjoying some very inexpensive free press. i say enjoying because this so called scandal is not doing anything to hurt or damage or hinder F1. let’s see if the US television ratings for the next race rises. i bet they will. and who knows, maybe there’ll be some fans in the crowd with long live max signs! :)

Negative Camber

actually there will be 1 out of 7 signs supporting Max. Just saying…