Max Mosley: ‘Vatanen will lose badly’

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According to the Guardian, FIA president Max Mosley has issued a scathing attack on presidential candidate Ari Vatanen. The letter was sent to Prince Faisal, a senior member of Jordan’s royal family and close adviser to Vatanen’s campaign. The letter included:

Mosley wrote: “Any thoughts that after this election everyone in motorsport can unite and work together can now be forgotten. It is not possible to make statements like Vatanen’s and then expect the victims of those insults to forget what has been said. The simple fact is that Vatanen will lose the election and lose badly, not least because he chose to denigrate the FIA and those currently in office.”

Now I may not be a president of the FIA or cabinet member but this seems incredibly base behavior to me. Mosley is apparently sending letters, politicking and threatening FIA member clubs jsut weeks ahead of the election.

Simple really…If Jean Todt was hands down the best candidate, then these letters wouldn’t be necessary would they? Mosley may be right, he may have pulled enough strings and manipulated the membership just the same way he did when he faced the vote of confidence last year.

If Mosley and F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone want Jean Todt in the seat, there is a good chance that is going to happen. They have a way, by hook or by crook, of making things happen just the way they want them and to be honest, that’s tragic.

Vatanen represented a change to the status quo within the FIA and much of teh fan base has been clamoring for that for ages. Mosely and Ecclestone stand to lose significantly if Vatanen is elected. I am not sure how or why but that is the case. Either that or they stand to seriously gain if Todt in elected. Either scenario could be the case but I vote for scenario #1…let them lose so that F1 may gain.

Todt is malleable, pliable and capable of being manipulated by Ecclestone and Mosley and I submit that this is the reason they want him in office. Vatanen is not easily controlled and that is the very reason he should be elected.

If you haven’t pressed your local motoring club for their endorsement of Ari Vatanen, do so now. The election depends on F1 fans making their voice heard.


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