Max on a litigious roll

Max, feeling vindicated by his recent victory over the NOTW, has been reported to be preparing for a libel action against NOTW. Keep going Max, I’m sure you can get enough litigation to make this thing seem like it never happened. Sad.

Formula one boss Max Mosley is preparing to launch a libel action against the News of the World following his privacy case victory against the tabloid yesterday, according to reports.

The Times today reported that Mosley’s lawyers were preparing action over the claim that Mosley took part in a “sick Nazi orgy”.

London law firm Steeles refused to comment when contacted by

But a source at the firm said “there would be a time to talk about other things but that time is not now.”

The high court yesterday awarded Mosley £60,000 in damages after ruling there was no evidence to suggest the sadomasochistic sex session he admitted taking part in had Nazi connotations.

The Times said Mosley’s lawyers were likely to focus on the News of the World but could also include actions in France and Germany.

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