Max Rejects Compromise

Max Mosley

The Times ran a story about a compromise deal that was offered to Max Mosley in the wake of his sex scandal and just prior to the June 3rd vote-of-confidence meeting that is a result of said affair.Interesting position from the WCAMT but apparently Max is not interested.  somehow he must feel the vote of confidence is going to go his way.  Perhaps Max knows something we don’t about his support but from all public angles; it seems at an all-time low.  Should he have taken the compromise?

“The compromise would have implied a renewed and unanimous confidence declaration towards president Mosley, together with a written communication from the president himself announcing his intention to resign, starting from November 2008,” Lucchesi wrote. “The president would have left almost all public representation of the FIA to the two deputy presidents. This compromise would have prevented us from being divided on a confidence vote that the WCAMT members esteemed to be negative in any case.”

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