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As predictable as Sir Jackie Stewart’s plaid trousers on a race weekend; Max Mosley has used the incident of three drivers paying their Super License fee as a bludgeoning weapon to shame the others and launch in to a chest-pounding moment of glee.

Yes, while three drivers decided to pay their Super License fee, reducing the GPDA’s leverage in negotiating, Max decided to take the moment and explain to the other drivers that there are other, more affordable series for them to race in if they can’t afford the Super License. Nice touch Max. There are also other occupations you can get in to if you can’t manage some decorum and leadership without the sophomoric negotiating acumen of Kim Jong Il.

GMM reports.

“If it helps I can confirm increases will be limited to inflation for the foreseeable future,” Mosley wrote in the letter, copies of which were leaked to the media.

However, he showed no sign of agreeing to the drivers’ demands in reverting to the lower fees of 2007, warning those who cannot afford the cost of a Superlicence to turn to motor racing’s other categories.

“There are a large number of series and championships where a professional racing driver can earn a good, sometimes very good, living,” Mosley wrote.

The teams pointed out in their own statement last week that the licences paid by NASCAR drivers is just $4000.

Mosley, however, said it is “reasonable” that the world’s most highly paid drivers also pay handsomely for their credential, arguing that safety advances championed by the FIA have “saved the lives of many” Superlicence holders.

“I do hope you will all see the fairness of our position and decide to continue to drive in the formula one world championship,” he wrote.

That’s great. Suffice to say that most of the drivers on the grid do not make as much as Max but i wouldn’t expect Max to be sensitive to this or any other issue I guess. It is all relative.

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