Max unyielding but hopeful?

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Max Mosley said that the issues remain the same but he is hopeful an agreement can be reached between the FIA and FOTA. Nick Fry suggested as much saying:

“Proposals were made on both sides and common ground was found so I’m sure there will be more discussion,” he said. “It was a good meeting and everyone’s made some progress.”

Asked how quickly this could be done, Fry said: “I think it will be done this weekend.”

Does anyone actually think Max is relenting or is FOTA? How can two organizations seemingly as far apart as these two accomplish this in a weekend? It is no doubt a heated and major issue but I still suspect that this is really about the FIA’s domination over the sport and position as regulations developer with no accommodation to FOTA. That seems like a sticky topic that could take longer than a weekend to work out.

Max has stated he hopes something can be worked out:

“It was a good constructive meeting. The discussions are ongoing,” he said. “They are the same issues. But I am hopeful there will be an agreement.”

Can Max assuage the fear of regulating the budget cap and offer the plans to do so in a convincing manner for FOTA? Last we heard it was going to be handled on the good buddy honor system and a Kinko’s in Woking taught us not to trust that system. Also, how can Ferrari reduce it’s operations by 70% in a matter of weeks? Sure, mass redundancy but that is not an option I would want to use if I were Luca. Especially when is was an option that was being created or manufactured by the FIA regulations and not a lack of desire from the board room.

Has FOTA offered an alternate solution that Max can live with? Last we heard they were looking at a reduction of team budget over a two year period. This seems completely out of range for Max as he is looking at a budget cap starting immediately. At this point it has been rumored that only two teams are against the budget cap…Ferrari and Toyota. Patrick Head shared that with us today:

“The only teams that are not talking about it are Ferrari and Toyota. “They are alone in the corner,”

This doesn’t sound like an organization that is unified but time will tell. Of course it is PATRICK HEAD!!!


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