Max ups the ‘radical’ regulation meter for 2010

The FIA have been working diligently to produce a series of cost-cutting measures for 2010. Standard parts, engine, gearboxes have all been mentioned. But Max has had a month or so to see the economy getting worse and now is raising the rhetoric by suggesting the WMSC will be looking over a new set of even more radical cost-cutting measures perhaps including a budget cap. That’s conjecture by the way.

Max points out that these rules will allow smaller teams to be in F1 on a competitive level with the big teams…that remains to be seen but if Max is suggesting a new version of his old company March providing all the parts needed to compete, that’s not really a bad thing. It will be up to this new company or companies to actually provide parts on par with the big teams for a fraction of the cost. That’s the challenge.

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