Max Verstappen live Q&A via Hisense


You were all witness to the Brazilian Grand Prix and the fabulous drive that Max Verstappen had to secure a podium position. You’ll also all be aware that I am an executive in the technology industry primarily focusing on integration of tech and modern workplace strategy. It’s always fun when my two worlds collide and that’s what’s happening tomorrow at 13:00 GMT on Facebook.

Hisense is one of the largest TV manufacturers you may never have heard of but they are very large and aggressively seeking to become the market share leader. They’re not a one-trick pony either, they make much more than just TV’s. They are also hosting a live Facebook Q&A with Max Verstappen at 13:00 GMT tomorrow and you can be part of it.

If I juxtapose the two, Hisense and Max, I can see the newcomer brand positioning and how both are making a major impact on their respective industries. It makes sense, perhaps Hisense, that they work together to build a relationship of passion and performance in their disciplines and it will be interesting to see how the company can capitalize on the brand and passion, as well as emotional capital, Max Verstappen has created in Formula 1. It can’t get better than giving you a chance to engage Max and ask your questions.

Here’s the Facebook link to their page for the event.

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