Max’s aero testing strategem


Is this a good way to test downforce?

Max Mosley;

Q. (Andreas Gröbl – Die Presse) Getting back to what Matt asked you first, wouldn’t you have to bring some kind of wind tunnel equipment to the race tracks to actually measure the downforce?
MM: No, because, imagine, you’ve got the car, it’s on the bridge. Let’s say, just to make the figures easy, you’re allowed 10,000 newtons, about one ton, probably not as much as that, but suppose. You put the ton on the car and it either touches or it doesn’t. Now if it touches before the entire ton’s on, it’s not a problem. It’s the team’s problem, they’re not going to get enough downforce. You’ve got the ton on and it’s not touching then you know that you can have more than a ton of downforce and it still doesn’t touch the ground. Therefore it’s illegal.

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