Max’s Letter a “Classic Decoy”

Sir Jackie Stewart is still calling for Max Mosley’s resignation.  While he concedes that Max is a very powerful man and may just be able to weather the vote of confidence on June 3rd; he is still out of line by remaining in his positions.  Sir Jackie figures the recent letter from Max Mosley is a decoy and that:

“Max is not irreplaceable,” the 3-time champion said, “so to say he should stay in charge to see things through is ridiculous.

“If he died tomorrow, the FiA would still carry on. Nobody is irreplaceable,”

Last year Max Mosley referred to Sir Jackie as a certified half-wit.  Sir Jackie has labeled Max’s position as FIA President as untenable.  I think both terms could be left at Max’s door step at this point…Sir Jackie isn’t the one with behaving lewdly with Nazi-themed orgies and MI5 agents wives.  Half-wit?  Indeed.

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