Maybe a Vettel/Alonso combo isn’t such a good idea

If you were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sebastian Vettel to Ferrari as per the rumor that has him arriving in 2014, you may have to wait. According to AUTOSPORT, that may not be the focus of the Italian team in the near future. Speaking at the Wrooom event at Madonna di Campiglio in Italy, team boss Stefano Domenicali said:

“For now, I think that this is not our goal. We have to maximise the balance of our performance of the team. We must be very careful.

“It is not just in F1 because it is true also in the world of sport. If you put all the number ones together around the table it can be more damaging than positive. So for the time being, this is not our goal.”

Now that could mean a lot of things as it is relatively open-ended but as we saw at McLaren when Alonso and Hamilton were partnered, it’s a tough situation to manage. McLaren tried their best but just couldn’t keep it together.

On a second thought, would a Vettel/Alonso lineup really be something the team needed if they continue to move forward in pace and competitiveness? Felipe Massa showed us last year that he is capable of running with Alonso when the car is on pace and balanced.

Fernando Alonso would certainly be driver enough to take the fight to all-comers if the team were capable of building a car that would allow him to run at the front. Felipe Massa or any other driver could equally run well enough to achieve what Ferrari ultimately want which is the Constructor’s Title.

You can never tell what will happen but Stefano left the door open and that’s probably a good thing. No one ever thought they’d be looking for a replacement for Michael Schumacher but that day came and Vettel is still very young.

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