McLaren: Accepting the reality of 2009

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It’s never easy accepting that your efforts are probably all for not. Especially when your team is the reigning world champion. That is the position McLaren find themselves in this year and while conceding the remainder of a year is never easy, it is perhaps wise to look beyond the current slump in hopes of learning how to create a high performance challenger for 2010.

Martin Whitmarsh, team principle, has admitted that their title defense has all but dissolved and that their goal now is to look toward the future while still attempting to be competitive this year. In short, work has probably already begun on the 2010 car.

“I think you have to say that Jenson looks in good shape, and I am sure he deserves it,” he explained. “He has had years of really struggling in the dark and now he is doing a fantastic job, he is in a competitive car and I have to say that he looks like he is going to be the world champion. I think he is doing a fantastic job.

“With regards to us, then we have to make sure that we are strong next year. We have to make sure that the way in which we approach next year is that we apply adequate resource.”

The conventional wisdom is that Ferrari and McLaren fought fiercely last year to the very last corner and that hampered their ability to focus on the 2009 car development.

“I think ourselves and Ferrari are still struggling as a consequence of what has happened in the last few years, but at the same time to say we are a racing team and to say we are not going to try and win a race this year is not in our make up.

“It is not in our DNA – we will be pushing hard to see how we can improve the car. We are realistic, we are not making any predictions that we are going to be back there on the podium any time soon, but we are going to keep pushing and learning what we can from this car and making sure that we apply adequate resource to next year’s car to make sure we are competitive.”


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