McLaren an option in 2014 for Raikkonen?

With all the talk of Kimi Raikkonen’s future in Formula One, Red Bull Racing, Lotus F1 and even Ferrari have been mentioned as possible homes for the Fin in 2014. One team we haven’t talked much about is McLaren. Sure, Raikkonen drove for the team in the past and that didn’t go so well but then that was a time when the car was just not up to par. Could the team be interested in him again? Much the same as rumors have Ferrari considering a return for Kimi?

According to a Q&A at, McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh said:

Q: Have you ever considered getting Kimi Raikkonen back? He seems to be the best Kimi there has ever been right now…
 Yes, we have. Kimi has always been great and I am a big fan of him. There is a lot of speculation out there at the moment, so let’s see what happens.

Q: Are you one of the teams that he could consider? Have there been talks with him?
 I probably shouldn’t be, but I’m completely open – last year we had talks with him, but for various reasons it didn’t happen. This year we’ve had no talks – yet.

Q: So it could be that somebody approaches somebody?
 Yes, could be. Obviously Kimi is determined to go somewhere else and I sense that he will not succeed in that goal, so let’s see how he gets on there.

It’s an interesting thought but if I had to rank the clash of cultures between team and driver, I would say that McLaren are the least Kimi-like than Lotus, REd Bull or Ferrari. Raikkonen is well loved by fans but doesn’t love the PR and media duties McLaren insist their driver complete.

McLaren have yet to announce their driver lineup for 2014 but it is expected to include current drivers Jenson Button and Sergio Perez. To be honest, it probably should as the car has been the issue for 2013, not the drivers.

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