McLaren delay driver announcement; Alonso deal done

If you were hoping that this weekend might shed some light on the 2015 driver lineup for McLaren, stand down…it’s won’t be announced until December according to a team statement reported on by AUTOSPORT.

“Selecting the optimal driver line-up for a Formula 1 team is clearly an important process, and it is therefore one that requires precise and prolonged analysis,” the statement said.

“That being the case, and in order to avoid distracting the race team from its primary objective during the final grand prix weekend of the season, which is to secure the best possible on-track results, we have decided to defer our final deliberations relating to our 2015 driver line-up until a date no earlier than Monday December 1.”

The debate on who to keep is purely an internal issue and involves lots of parameters but from  a fan perspective, the best I can reckon is that the community is split on who to keep between Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen. while Button has nearly twice the points as Magnussen (and points equal real cash in prize money) others feel that Kevin is the future, has done a great job this year and Jenson has had his day in the sun.

Time will tell but AUTOSPORT says the deal to bring Fernando Alonso back to the team in 2015 is done.


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