McLaren and Dell join forces

When Vodafone left, McLaren were without a title sponsor and the boss at the time, Ron Dennis, said that he was working with other companies to bring a new title sponsor to the team.

He made a few comments about the premium of that title sponsor role and how he wouldn’t settle for low-paying sponsors for a brand like McLaren.

The economy was difficult at the time and the cars remained devoid of a major sponsor for several years. That could change now that McLaren’s new boss, Zak Brown, has announced a new partnership with Dell. Here is the full Press Release:


McLaren is delighted to announce a multi-faceted, long-term partnership with Dell Technologies, the world’s largest privately-controlled technology company.

Dell Technologies, which consists of seven global brands – Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks, Virtustream and VMware – will bring its deep technology expertise to all McLaren Technology Group companies, including McLaren Racing and McLaren Applied Technologies, as well as benefitting McLaren’s esports programme, World’s Fastest Gamer.

The McLaren Technology Group has just completed the first part of its IT transformation journey towards a high-performing hybrid cloud capability. This includes a modern, agile, automated, performant and highly available set of data centre services, using Dell EMC compute, storage, and infrastructure management software.

The partnership will seamlessly integrate Dell Technologies’ wide-ranging platform of solutions into McLaren’s day-to-day operations, including support for design and manufacturing, trackside operations, telemetry, safety-critical ecosystems, storage, esports and simulation, fan engagement and guest experience.

McLaren and Dell Technologies intend to collaborate on future projects in the areas of security, cloud, digital and workplace transformation technologies, with scope for technical innovation not only within the two organisations but also the wider industry.

Zak Brown, Executive Director, McLaren Technology Group, commented:

“McLaren’s agreement with Dell Technologies expands beyond the traditional sponsorship model. We are like-minded organisations led by the key principles of technical innovation and human progress at the cutting-edge of data-driven technology.

“Formula 1 is a relentless environment, and partnering with Dell Technologies provides us with class-leading capabilities and support to drive invaluable efficiencies that will enable McLaren to perform at the highest possible level across our entire business operations. We are especially excited about the future possibilities that will arise within McLaren Applied Technologies, an area of our business that is growing fast and offers huge potential.

“This announcement is a further statement that McLaren has strong ambitions as we strive to take an important leap in performance both on-track and off it. Dell Technologies is the perfect partner and our two brands share the same ethos, which will propel us towards our business objectives for 2018 and beyond.”

Jeremy Burton, Chief Marketing Officer, Dell Technologies, commented:

“Dell Technologies’ relationship with McLaren builds upon a shared heritage of innovation, engineering excellence and high performance. Over the past few years, McLaren’s rich history in motorsports has given rise to a more diverse and ambitious organisation that we’re excited to partner with.

“Our partnership is expansive, enabling us to showcase our Dell Technologies portfolio from consumer gaming and esports to the enterprise edge, data centre and cloud.

“We look forward to playing a transformative role within every facet of the McLaren Group, both trackside and at the McLaren Technology Centre. It is the first time we have partnered as Dell Technologies in a global commercial agreement of this nature, and we look forward to a long-term collaboration.”

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sunny stivala

This is all about the new Zekspeak replacing the old Ronspeak. it is all puff and nothing of any significance and certainly not pumping cash into Woking. The difference than and now, the new McLaren boss talks BIG as is the American norm, if this new sponsorship deal is regarded as BIG, what are BIG sponsorships like then?.


Dude, this is Michael Dell we’re talking about. He’s not exactly a “nobody”, yanno. If you tell him to his face that he’s a “nobody”, him and a few thousand Texans and other employees are going to prove you wrong. Never bite the hand that feeds you.


I’m not sure how your response relates to the original post?
It doesn’t say Dell is a nobody, and I don’t think Sunny is being fed by Dell.
It looks a bit aggressive, Paul, that’s probably not what you intended?

sunny stivala

Thanks JAKO, Although I still cannot comprehend what Paul meant, It actually doesn’t matter to me if others are hard/meaning it/disagree or what not, when I would not be able to stand the heat in the kitchen I will get out of said kitchen. we are here on a discussion forum and if we all agree all the time on everything expressed that will be the time when this forum will be as good as dead.


Hi Sunny, I agree that it’s important to have different opinions for there to be worthwhile discussion in the forum.
What makes this forum better than others is that people buy in to the ‘decorum and civility’ rule.
Paul normally does, but this post looks a bit ‘uncivil’. That’s out of character, so I thought I’d ask the question.

sunny stivala

Every F1 team makes use of an IT supplier (software/hardware/ and equipment).
Mclaren has changed such supplier.
This deal will see dell which has previously sponsored Sauber and Caterham, supplying software and hardware to mclaren.
This is a technology supply arrangement- hardware, software and services, Dell isn’t famous for writing big sponsorship checks. This deal will save mclaren cash in the bank rather than putting money in. In short apart from the very self bigging corporate talk version by Zekspeak the version of this release, is that mclaren have changed IT supplier to Dell.


DUDE, You’re getting a dell.

sunny stivala

Yes I “the dude got a dell puff” like the rest that follows F1 did ever since NOV 2016 when the new zekspaek joined the once great mclaren team. Yes actually nothing more than a dell puff from the previous software/hardware supply to Sauber and Caterham to the now “great” and first “significant” software/hardware supply deal to small team mclaren. How times change? Remember fifteen years ago Friday Canadian GP and the big classic fight between Minardi/Stodard and the then Ronspeak, that was all about money?, the exact same thing is happening today, the difference today is that mclaren the… Read more »


I knew this theme sounded familiar,
F1 team and IT company become technology partners and save the world.
Ah well, its good to have ambition.

sunny stivala

Jako, thanks for the site. Now that you have mentioned the Sauber team that reminds me of some firsts in technology, some F1 technical information, which although it is now history might interest some. Sauber and not BMW, Yes Sauber one of the smallest F1 teams was the first to invest in what turned out to be the biggest most powerful super computer in Europe (civilian) and that includes not only F1, but also in the automotive industry as a whole. They named it as Albert 1 and later on updated it to Albert 2. That was a decision taken… Read more »


Didn’t Sauber wind up with one of the best wind tunnels in F1 too, courtesy of BMW? So they’d have the capability to analyse aerodynamics both by CFD and physical models, but perhaps not have the budget for the analysts and engineers to turn this capability into car advantage. Edit : – I’ve just been to the F1 Dictionary – CFD page. Its a great read, and provides the background on why F1 car aerodynamics are getting increasingly complex, its because they can! The advances in computing capability and analysis tools over the last 15 years have really driven huge… Read more »

sunny stivala

Yes Sauber ended-up with one of the best at the time wind tunnel courtesy of BMW, but what I was talking about (the first and most powerful super computer in Europe) was when Sauber was on their own.


Yep, I understood that (especially after checking out the F1 Dictionary). Investing in s a super computer back in 2004 would have been a huge leap of faith for a Team the size of Sauber.
But it struck me as interesting that BMW thought they’d need a wind tunnel as well. (And an upgraded Super Computer -Albert 2, it seems BMW didn’t have so much faith in uncorrelated CFD).

sunny stivala

“Correlated CFD+Wind tunnel” is still valid today, there are technical reasons why. As every F1 team Sauber were also making use of wind tunnel back then, but they were the first to Priorities and invest big in CFD. I gave an example of their CFD efforts compared to big team FERRARI. About BMW state of the art wind tunnel, you are correct. On this subject, Sauber and BMW-Sauber, recommended (must read) precise and official information, find the time and do not miss. “BMW Sauber F1team contents. –F1about motorshow me” 4th item on page. (for wind tunnel-CFD fascinating official numbers, scroll… Read more »

sunny stivala

Also, Plenty of bullish noise coming out of Japan re-Honda power unit output and reliability progress, at least on dyno testing (validating of output and hours run/mileage). I even picked-up talk of “unique/first” in combustion configuration in-between the four power-units makers. But we will have to wait and see what the results are.