In what many of us speculated might happen in a rare moment of justice; McLaren has been penalized 5 places for blocking Heidfeld and Alonso on their hot laps.

You can see comments here but Nick Heidfeld and Fernando Alonso were blocked on their hot laps but an eqregiously slow McLaren duo on their cool down laps. This brings into consideration that the new qualifying format should be looked at as drivers are painfully slow in conserving fuel on their slow down laps and with only 10 minutes to make their best attempt, this could be dangerous as well as damaging to many drivers attempts.

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it seemed like they were on the other side of the track. there was another car behind them on the inside. seems the drivers messed up.


We had talked about this on chat. In reviewing the video, it seems all the drivers slowed to a crawl on their cool down laps, but only Lewis and Kovy were on the racing line. We’ll see how this plays out over the next few qualifying sessions, but this might become a problem and there might be benefit to not wait until the last second for your high-speed runs…


Having looked at that video (I fell asleep during just before the last phase of qualifying this morning. :o ) it’s actually pretty frightening how suddenly the slow cars appear in the onboard view. They don’t look slow at all they look stationary.

Maybe it’s partly the very small res video not helping how things seem but it looks very, very dangerous.

Maybe Alonso has it right though since it’s not like in a race with a brake down or soothing. They know this is going to happen in this session and can be somewhat prepared.