McLaren ever the good neighbor

McLaren has been moved back up the pitlane because FOM has deemed them worthy apparently and decided they shouldn’t be at the end of the pit for whatever reason.But just as they did with Force India and Super Aguri; McLAren have invited their neighbors over for a drink. Red Bull and Williams teams stopped by for a pleasant visit and cheerful libation to signal a friendly atmosphere and comoraderie amongst the F1 teams. A sort of “welcome-wagon” for the new guys mid-pit lane.

Never lost for words and using the lexicon of Surfer-dude Jeff Spicoli; Matt Bishops reduces the event to a “dude” reverie so everyone can get with the “hip” nature of the event and the intent of multi-national, multi-million dollar organization McLaren…dude. Chummy Matt, very chummy.

“The Williams and Red Bull teams are a great bunch of people, and it was a pleasure to be able to offer them a bit of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and Absolute Taste hospitality.

“Formula One people are a lot friendlier than we’re often depicted, and today was an example of three teams chilling out together in a chummy and good-natured way.”

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